Video: Bibliovideo interview

Bibliovideo is a new channel dedicated to Canadian books for young readers. The Q&A clip from my Messenger 93 (Virtual) Book Launch is featured here. Diane Terrana asks me some great questions!

Interview with The Miramichi Reader

Posted: MARCH 25, 2020 BY JAMES M. FISHER Link to original article “In seven days, she will fall,” say the crows. “As she falls, so do we all.” Who falls? wonders M. The ominous, supernatural message starts M on a quest that could save more than one life. But what if the person in danger happens to be her nemesis? Along the…

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Interview – The Varsity: A creative impulse is a “direct route to your higher self”

Author, actress, and UTM instructor Barbara Radecki on creative inspiration By Selena Mercuri; Published: 12:46 am, 16 January 2017 on (Link to post) Author Barbara Radecki is an accomplished actress and writer. Her new novel, The Darkhouse, is about Gemma, a young girl who discovers the dark truth about her identity and her father’s mysterious experiments. Radecki explains the…

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Interview – Talk to me #7 : Barbara Radecki, with daughters Stefanie and Michele

Posted May 2016 on Where you learned to love.  Barbara: The easy answer is that I learned to love at home. I have loving parents and sisters and I grew up in a safe environment. But when I was a child, my parents were very busy and often away and my independence was both a natural character trait and…

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Interview: Coffee House Chat – January 10, 2017

(Posted on Facebook by DontTalktoMeAboutLove, January 10, 2017 Link to Post) #TheDarkhouse #CoffeeHouseChats #SailorNeptune Alex Risen and I are sitting down with a pensive Barbara Radecki, as she talks about acting, writing, and her penchant for very dark stories. CBC named her first novel, The Darkhouse, one of the five best YA novels of 2016. (And it was just launched…

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